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Enespa Landing (Shares & Bonds)

Enespa AG is a Swiss Green-Tech company focused on the development and production of plastic recycling modules. Enespa AG has been growing its business by offering shares and fixed income bonds to private and institutional investors.

iGrowth GmbH has been supporting Enespa AG since the early days, and is proud to have been contributing to the Enespa’s success.

Enespa AG, like many other clients, has been using our iGrowth MIX services in terms of:

  1. Enespa AG – Shares and Bonds Landing Page.
  2. Enespa AG – Shares and Bonds Web and Mobile application.
  3. Google Ads campaign – Digital funnel for new investor sign up.
  4. PR Services – Informing all stakeholders about the ongoing progresses through a monthly newsletter.
  5. Social Media Campaign Advisory
  6. Business Development – Cold-calling campaign for Shares and Bond Placement