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From consultancy, over MVP Development up to a fully integrated product, our Start-Up Package delivers top-end solutions through all iGrowth Mix offerings.

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We work well with Start-ups

Start-Ups are not just smaller versions of larger companies. They require their own set of processes and tools to be successful. Our cross-functional team and a multidisciplinary collaborative approach ensure professional skills, robust processes and the right flexibility to develop Start-Ups' adequate solutions and deliver outstanding results.

Right BizzDev Partner

iGrowth understands how hard it is to win customers, especially in the StartUp phase; this is why, we have developed the right set of services to help you generate new clients and a positive cash flow.

We will make sure that your pipeline is full of potential clients; your job will be to win them and start selling your products and/or services to them.

Ultimate Technology Partner

We help you ideate, design, prototype, develop and launch digital solutions that are engaging and people enjoy using. We understand the need for rapid iteration and scaling growth. And we are certainly not unfamiliar with Agile and Lean methods - as software engineers, we build for structure, quality, and meaning.

An Innovative Marketing Partner

As a Start-Up you have to be ahead of your competition. It does not matter if you are in the financial or in the manufacturing sector: you still need to develop your brand! This is the reason why at iGrowth we always come up with new and innovative solutions to promote your business and to support your sales team in reaching the best possible results.


Discovery Phase

Taking a 360 degree view of your business - documentation, project requirements, business dynamics, goals and objectives to identify the needs and the solutions.


Planning Phase

Based on the gathered information, we structure a roadmap and propose the services and technologies needed to develop a tailored-made solution with a solid foundation for fast features iterations, stable scaling, and easy integrations.


Design Phase

A strategic structural design approach that supports the software usability and integrates the brand style into the digital medium; all this done with IA wireframes, hi-fi mockups, and design.


Development Phase

The development process and approach is defined by the project scope and requirements. We are familiar with Agile, Lean or Waterfall methods - as software engineers, we build for structure, quality, and meaning.


Testing, QA & Launch Phase

iGrowth takes quality very seriously: all developments undergo strict testing and quality assurance procedures to deliver the best solutions. We apply Project Management procedures with incremental checks and controls. Only once the project has reached its maturity, we coordinate the launching phase with the client.


Upgrades and Maintenance Phase

After the successful launch of a project, iGrowth offers solutions to ensure that the used technologies remain up-to-date and continues employing the latest innovations. There are no limits to our creativity. Just milestones in our progress.


Marketing Phase

The setting up of a marketing strategy plays an important role, because depending on its effectiveness, the business can grow, and the sales team can rely upon it to scale the business. During this marketing phase, the iGrowth marketing team works on developing and implementing the best marketing tools for a successful implementation of the chosen marketing strategy.


Business Development

Once a marketing strategy is prepared and implemented, the BizzDev team is ready to target your customers and take new clients on board.

iGrowth MIX is the KEY!

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